Modern web-based applications are complex, and developers fall in the trap of creating monolithic codebases at every turn with full-stack frameworks. Many turn to large monorepos to make development more manageable but then run into the difficulties of all-or-nothing deployments. Not to mention locking ourselves into vendor and framework dependencies, making future modernization difficult. However, avoiding these complex monsters has never been easier with minimal effort, using custom packages.

Custom packages can be anywhere you have git, and many service providers offer convenient git package repositories. I will highlight why this is important, and show how to easily create your own packages on GitHub to be later consumed with common package and dependency managers, making deployments easier. Ultimately, it also makes breaking up complex applications a no-brainer, to get you on the road to less vendor lock-in and dependencies.


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Good technical run-down of using composer and packagist. Adam showed so I'm excited to go give that a try. Talk ended early, but I felt like that was okay and all the material I was hoping for was covered. Good talk!