Ask PHP developers which big feature they wished PHP had and many would say generics. Generics offer additional type checking that reduces the chances of bugs. Hopefully one day they'll be implemented at language level but what if we want them now?

This talk starts with a deep delve into generics and the benefits of them. We'll then look at how existing static analysis tools can be configured to (almost) give us generics in PHP now.


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Really great talk. I learned a lot about genetics. One of the highlights of this conference.

Good technical talk about the current state and progression of generics with PHP. It was good to hear the condensed history of discussions within PHP internals. Maybe someday we'll get generics in PHP core.

Joe Theuerkauf at 15:25 on 5 Nov 2022

Does a great job pointing out the benefits of generics and how we can get most of the way there with analysis tools. i was a little unclear about "partial support" from the language, versus none or full, but i look forward to the language evolving in that direction regardless.

Chris Holland at 16:09 on 5 Nov 2022

Outstanding talk clearly and straightforwardly explaining an otherwise complex subject, with very insightful ways to leverage generics in modern tooling despite the lack of core language support.

Whether you're not familiar with generics at all or have used them in in other languages, this is a great technical talk that will get you up to speed on the subject and provide a deep dive of their current place in the PHP ecosystem along with future possibilities.