Stop complaining about technical debt. Understand why it is there. Pay the debt service regularly like you do any other debt. Know the cost of any new debt proposed and deploy technical debt as just another tool to give your business an advantage in the marketplace.


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Ryan Howe at 15:33 on 7 Nov 2022

Some great information, hard to hear how much further your organization has to go, but I am already saying "Slow is Smooth & Smooth is Fast"

Boyd had great energy and a meaningful topic. His wisdom showed as he conveyed the lessons learned. Audience was involved, maybe even too involved, but that wasn't Boyd's fault. Good way to wrap up the conference. Only negative was the talk ran overtime, but since it was the very last talk of the day, there was more wiggle room for that.

Joe Theuerkauf at 16:31 on 8 Nov 2022

More product owners and managers need to hear this talk, even though the underlying focus is for developers to learn constructive ownership of their tech debt. i'm going to start analyzing my time and workload more - especially considering how swamped i've let myself get.