Memories are unreliable and fickle, yet drive our emotions and our narrative. We are anchored not by our past but by how we remember and process our past. Learn to improve the narrative by recognizing the fallibility of memory, how that fallibility serves us, and to release the attachment holding us back.


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Ash Banaszek at 10:11 on 5 Nov 2022

Great use of slides, stories, and body language to effectively communicate your message. I loved the use of jokes and audience engagement. There was a lot to learn here and I wish at the end there was some more repetition of your most important points or key take-aways. Overall, really effective

This talk was captivating and I'm sure it gave a lot of us food for thought on how our memories work.

Good engaging talk with good points, but should have been condensed down to the allotted timeslot. Went significantly overtime, causing scheduling turbulence the rest of the morning for attendees and speakers.

Mike Lehan at 06:41 on 10 Nov 2022

The examples and information in this talk were really solid. I was left a bit unsure as to what practically I was meant to do with the information, but it was an interesting area to have some new knowledge in.