Websockets provides a way to have a persistent 2-way connection between your server and your client’s browser. This allows for more efficient communication than traditional front end mechanisms such as XHR or long polling, and allows for better web native applications as a result. Starting out with websockets in the browser has its complications, especially regarding how they can hook into your existing application.

The tutorial will cover the basics of websockets, and then move on to PHP workers and the React event library for PHP. Using these we can implement PHP clients as part of a websocket application, allowing your existing stack to communicate with a websocket server and your users in the browser. The tutorial requires no existing familiarity with websockets or event-based frameworks, though basic knowledge of JavaScript and a reasonable knowledge of OOP PHP and PHP via CLI are recommended.

Attendees will start with a pre-built set of applications, so you can either code along or just look at the end results and hack it apart later in your own time!


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Nice job.

Ryan Howe at 12:02 on 3 Nov 2022

Really enjoyed the presentation and tutorials to get a visual working sample of the services. This helped me to see how the systems talked to one another, through registration to authentication to execution. I was excited to get to see this and was not disappointed. Thank you for all the information!

A few feedback points:
1.) Several of your information slides (title slides) have very low contrast and are not able to be read easily on the screen.
2.) There is a lot of copy & paste in very specific places in very specific files. It might be help full to use git branches to have "save" places ... like lession1_start, lession1_final ... etc so even if they completely messed it up, they can checkout a clean working tested version of the code to allow them to run it. (this also helps you cause you will always be able to jump to the right version of the code for demonstration purposes :-) )

Really lovely and helpful. Being able to follow along in the code was super helpful in terms of understanding how things work. I'll probably go over it again at home to make sure I know things, but this talk really made me feel like I was getting things started on the right foot.

Parth K at 11:40 on 4 Nov 2022

A topic that cannot be covered in 3 hours. Mike did his best but would have liked if we the basics were cleared out a little, I feel my skill level did not match on what was going on.

Would have loved a pre-req install notification. Spent 30-40 min due to bad internet trying to download things taht were required.

Mike Lehan (Speaker) at 11:48 on 4 Nov 2022

Hi Parth, thanks for the feedback. Sorry you had trouble participating. I'm not sure what happened with getting pre-workshop info to people, unfortunately that's out of my scope.

It's worth noting that if you have the repository still (and if you don't, message me and I can send it) you will be able to follow through all the parts we covered in full (1-4) as well as the two subsequent parts which I knew I couldn't get to in 3 hours but left in there so you can benefit from more opportunities to explore. The README.md file has a very in-depth walkthrough of the workshop - it should be enough to run the whole thing without me speaking over the top, in fact! Let me know how you get on and feel free to message if you need a hand with anything.