You code the app. You've used Test-Driven-Development for it, because you do things the right way. You care about the quality of your code. You ship it. The job is mostly done!

EXCEPT, of course, now that your app has -you know, users- performance is down. You've got a Redis instance caching sessions and database queries, but it's not enough! Your problem needs a bolted-on solution - maybe throw something else at it , like Varnish?

We don't do Performance-Driven-Development in PHP, and we should. The problem is in the code, not the caching. Using a variety of tools, I'm going to show you why PDD should be part of your process.


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Parth K at 11:47 on 4 Nov 2022

Great presentation, great information. Understood the basic and explained nearly nicely.

Joe Theuerkauf at 09:56 on 5 Nov 2022

Interesting take on developer mindset. It's hard to change the mentality of devs who see the job as just a job and don't consider the cascade effect of their work, but it's always worth it to try.