Modern humans aren’t great at risk assessment.

We often blithely ignore that which could harm us, and are conversely intimidated by things that are quite safe. This inability to recognize threat has vast implications for many aspects of our lives, including our careers.

In this talk, we’ll explore root causes of fear and anxiety, and discover how we can start to deliberately rewrite our “instincts”. This will allow us to redirect our worry toward what actually matters, and channel it into productive outcomes that make us safer, happier and less stressed, both at work and in our personal lives.


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It's so valuable to have someone present in a way that demonstrates valuable knowledge that they have coalesced into a really accessible format. I really enjoyed this talk and it validated a lot of the things that I have heard from other sources and experiences that I have in my decision making all the time.

I'm already rereading the slides for the mental tools to help keep moving forward having been laid off. Lots to fear and worry about, and having clarity to make good decisions seems like a really good idea. So far so good, I think. Thanks so much for presenting this!