If an autopilot fails, or a weapon system malfunctions, lives can and will be lost. As a result, significant checks, practices and concepts go into designing the software for such systems. But the code we, as developers in a wide range of jobs and fields, write can be just as critical - a delayed benefits submission because of a server error causes somebody to become homeless; a mistake on an immigration system causes a family to be deported; a misrouting of a delivery driver causes a car crash.

As developers we should explore the culture around what we build - move fast and break things doesn't work if you're dealing with real people's real lives. Are there lessons of software development, design, project management, that we can learn from "mission critical" software production, and apply to our "normal" development projects that can ultimately save frustration, jobs and even lives in the process?


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John P Bloch at 09:53 on 4 Nov 2022

Good pacing, delivery, and content!

Ryan Howe at 09:56 on 4 Nov 2022

Really great talk, great content & delivery.

ADEMOLA AINA at 10:03 on 4 Nov 2022

Excellent content and delivery. Please can you share your PPT here OR those nice quotes.

Great talk, good humor, great examples and relatable stories. Well done!

Marion Sartor at 11:02 on 4 Nov 2022

Good food for thought!

Keith Davis at 11:13 on 4 Nov 2022

Great talk and well presented.

Chris Holland at 12:26 on 4 Nov 2022

Great keynote’