In this talk, I will give an overview of using the RubixML PHP library to build machine learning models and run predictions. I will build an MVP using a dataset, model, and predictions with Rubix and the Laravel framework.

1. Quick Introduction to Machine Learning
2. Examples of Where Machine Learning Is Beneficial.
3. Types of Machine Learning
4. Types of Estimators
5. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
6. Choosing an Estimator for Your Model
7. Example: Building a Housing Price Predictor with a Gradient Boosted Machine (GBM)
8. Questions/Discussion


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Adam Culp at 13:22 on 4 Nov 2023

Well organized and presented. Good information to get started understanding the topic for further learning.

Peter Meth at 13:53 on 4 Nov 2023

Good overview of using machine learning with PHP. Code snippets could have been bigger on the slides

Andre Thio at 14:10 on 4 Nov 2023

Good overview of ML using PHP with examples!

Good talk with enough background and working code to use to expire the topic more.

Peter Meth at 14:38 on 4 Nov 2023

Good overall breakdown of high level machine learning concepts as well as some practical implementation details of the PHP library.

Aaron Holbrook at 16:41 on 4 Nov 2023

Very informative, and inspiring talk; gave both a good review and insight into how to start using Machine Learning with PHP, which I didn't think was possible.

Thank you for your talk!

This was a fantastic introduction to a topic I was not familiar with. I think some comparisons to similar work in other languages may have been helpful, as well as additional ideas for practical application in our day to day jobs.