The VP of Sales just announced the company closed a major deal that is 100x larger than any other previous contract. The excitement pours over you, you can finally expense that Herman-Miller chair! However, you quickly realize you’ve never tested the production application at that 100x scale before. What do you do?

Scaling a web application is an exciting, and sometimes nerve-wracking problem. PHP buys us a lot of affordances, but we still need to think like engineers to make things scale in a maintainable, and affordable, manner.

We’ll walk through this hypothetical scenario together, taking time to explore options and tradeoffs for major decisions. These topics will include:

* Effective caching
* Keeping your database performing efficiently
* Tradeoffs of moving to microservices
* Security and safety measures

Most importantly, we’ll explore how to know when, and if, it is time for any of these things. Even how we can defer some decisions to keep our team working efficiently. For that, we’ll need to learn:
* How to add and review telemetry for our application
* How to determine key metrics we can know when we’re in trouble
* How to collaborate with the business for best success

Buckle up, because we’re going from zero to web scale in one talk!


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