In 2021, I was tasked with building a new serialization system for TYPO3. The result was a trio of new, general-purpose libraries that demonstrate the power and flexibility of the modern PHP language: FP, AttributeUtils, and Serde.

In this session, we'll start with an overview of the plethora of potential PHP processes for handling serialized data, and show their pros and cons. We'll then transition into talking about Serde and what goes into a modern PHP 8-centric serialization framework.

Along the way, we'll see the power of PHP attributes, and how AttributeUtils makes them even more powerful.


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Nice talk. Next step: live coding examples

Couldn’t tell if I was more impressed by the presentation or the code under discussion. I had four questions pop up during the talk, and all of them were answered in due course. Fantastic!

Ben Batschelet at 15:11 on 3 Nov 2023

I will definitely be looking for places to use crell/serde going forward, and possibly contributing future code.

Joseph Thayne at 15:44 on 3 Nov 2023

Lots of good information, and will be exploring more. Additional use case examples would have been helpful, but the examples given were very useful in understanding some capabilities.

Nick A at 20:43 on 3 Nov 2023

I hadn't heard of Serde before this presentation, but now I want to use it. I loved the history of why it was created and what is can achieve. It illustrated a lot of concepts around serialization that I don't hear about very often. The "Cool PHP Trick" slides were also intriguing. Overall, this was a great presentation. Thank you, Larry!

Ryan Marks at 15:41 on 4 Nov 2023

I'm going to have to share Serde with my team. Thanks for sharing it with us.

This was a fantastic talk - a narrow topic but a deep dive. Larry gave useful examples and clear explanations.

I think a few more minutes discussing the "bad" ways to serialize might have been useful, perhaps with real life examples.

this was a fantastic talk Larry
very interesting to see how you got there and the final result is mindblowing

I'm going to make heavy use of Serde dans the other crell/* packages !
thanks a lot