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If Vesna hadn't disclosed so in her opening slides, I would not have guessed that this was her speaking debut. Her presentation was well-structured and she kept good pace with the material, stopping at well-placed jokes to liven things up.

A few of the slides were cluttered -- mainly those with embedded charts and graphics, sometimes positioned alongside bullet points. Still, this was an amazing effort, considering Vesna picked up deck.js two days before the conference to recreate her slides after some ill-timed data loss of the originals.

Overall, I was most impressed with the discussion and Q&A around and after the presentation. Of the few talks I attended, this by far had the most audience involvement and conversation. Vesna did a great job fielding questions and even dropped an anecdote about an email conversation she had with a former Amazon employee (Greg Linden?) regarding some oft-cited statistics about website response times. That was a subtle hint at the amount of preparation Vesna had done on the topic, and it showed.

Very good data.

I would have loved to have some time on setup process and configuration. Maybe you should introduce the slide about the window.performance before you go into the T seconds stuff next time since it seemed that some people assumed you were talking about something more like time to first byte.

I was a little confused if the main product tracks the time it takes users to respond to your page and make a selection. You talked about it a bit but after showing the apdex it seemed that it wasn't.

I liked citing of the claims like the 80% benefit. The pace was good. The apdex T seconds calculation stuff I think would benefit by being a little more concise with just your warning about setting t too high.

Very informative and good. Thanks.