Developing Beautiful, Measurable Software


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Very nice overview of the topic with plenty of practical examples and application. Good presentation skills, easy to read slides, all with an entertaining dash of humor.

Anonymous at 10:29 on 13 Sep 2014

Wonderful presentation. Provided a lot of examples and ideas in which I can make use of in my personal and professional projects.

I appreciated the code samples Jeremy provided early in the talk, and later when talking about code complexity. These examples helped reinforce the presented concepts and provided the attendee with something to think back on when returning to coding projects. The section on tools was most valuable for the resource provided -, and provided an overview of what they each do. Certainly, each of those tools could be topics for their own presentation, so the primary value is knowing that they exist.

Overall, really nice job.

Great look at practically creating software with PHP.

This talk delivered all it promised. I like the idea of "good code smells" that he introduced -- that might be good as part of an alternate title for the talk, in fact. The presentation was well organized, with good slide pacing and good examples. A couple of the concepts that didn't have examples could have used some, like decomposing classes with too many member variables. Also I was hoping to hear a bit more about why no static classes or utility classes. There was a quick explanation about why not static, but I didn't catch why not utility.

We have been focusing on establishing cleaner coding standards at my workplace, and I got some good takeaways to share with my team. Jeremy made an excellent case that adhering to these standards of beauty is practical, because the code is easier to test and run metrics on. He went over a good selection of tools, some of which we already use and some of which I want to look into now.

I think there would have been demand for Q & A if the talk wasn't already running late into the 30-minute break between talks (because the first talks of the day got a late start) I had to run, or I definitely would have enjoyed some discussion!