Iterators, ArrayAccess and Countable – Oh My!


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Great real world application!

Thanks for the talk.

I thought this was good tour through some of the power of the SPL. I do appreciate that the example built on itself throughout the presentation so it was easy to follow what was going on.

One thing I think that can be improved is to give the same example to introduce the various interfaces (like ArrayAccess and such) and then provide a more realistic example of how that can be used in code to solve a real problem. This also carried through later when introducing things like the `__invoke` magic method.

The bonus content is a good idea to have in the presentation but I think that section felt really rushed and glossed over a bunch. I would suggest either incorporating that content in the main talk or dropping it entirely.

Overall a great talk especially considering it was a collaborative effort.

Sandy did a great job of filling in for Eli White, though I suspect Eli's talk might have been a little different. Some of this material went over my head as a new dev. Much to study.