Modernizing Legacy Apps with Symfony


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Good description of the problems and tasks associated with converting a procedural application into a framework. Lots of good code walkthroughs to show the steps involved.

A good mix of insight, tech suggestions, and code in action. This is an excellent "roll up the sleeves and do it" companion to Paul M. Jones's presentations on modernizing legacy code.

Anonymous at 14:59 on 13 Sep 2014

Good presentation. Lot's of good information.

I need to sit down and go through the steps with my app that needs modernization.

The actual steps were a little bit confusing. Most of the information for this was in your code which aren't in the slides.

Anonymous at 14:34 on 17 Sep 2014

The information seemed excellent, but it was really hard to follow. The text was too small and low contrast. Somebody asked a few times for the text to be made larger, and it was helpful when you did make it bigger, but it wasn't done consistently. Even when the text was big enough to read, the relevant portions weren't isolated on the screen, and so it was difficult to read the code fast enough to digest and process. It would be really helpful to have slides that captured the relevant passages of code, and also slides that distilled the concepts presented. The code in action feature is good, but there needed to be more effort made to make the learning more accessible.