Open Sourcing Mental Illness


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Powerful man. I haven't yet dealt with this personally, but some close friends do and I really appreciate how you shared your own experiences. Extremely helpful.

Excellent talk. He mixes cold hard facts and personal experiences to communicate the importance of mental health in the tech industry in very clear and approachable terms.

Anonymous at 08:10 on 14 Sep 2014

Great talk! Important information. One thing I'd like to hear about is the companies who are safe to talk to about mental health issues.

Anonymous at 18:17 on 14 Sep 2014

I think this is an important talk to continue having. If nothing else, the knowledge that you are not alone if you are suffering from a mental condition and that you should expect to be able to approach your peers and superiors safely about mental health issues is incredibly important to communicate.

Ed is the bravest man I know for getting up there and telling us not how people who suffer mental illness feel, but how he, as someone who suffers, feels. This makes the talk hit home in a way that having a mental health professional speak never will.

I am quite fortunate with where I work, but the statistics Ed presents tell a story of an industry -- scratch that, culture! -- that stigmatizes mental health problems. I'm glad that Ed, OSMI, and Prompt are shining a light on this situation in our industry, and hope that talks like this will make a positive impact.