Rapid Application Development With Symfony2


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Good description of various modules and how they are used, but it a higher overview of how Symfony2 works would be helpful. The talk assumed the participant was familiar with Symfony.

Good talk, lots of Symfony info. Listening to this immediately after lunch made it tough to stay alert, even though the data was good.

The talk was OK, but i think it failed at expectation management. It falls kind of in the middle between an introduction to symfony (not introducing it enough to understand as somebody not familiar with it at all) and an advanced talk on RAD specifically (missing concrete examples of how to do things, maybe an example application to follow along and see how the RAD plays out there, rather than naming the main bundles that people familiar with symfony should already know)

Anonymous at 08:30 on 15 Sep 2014

Very poor presentation. Slides quality are low. It was impossible to read them. It was like the author was reading info from book. So the author couldn't explain me how to develop rapid application with Symfony2. I think it means fail.

Good talk overall, slides could have been more readable, but I was in the back.