Reframing The Problem


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Anonymous at 17:17 on 13 Sep 2014

Great talk! Want to see the code for the solution though!

Very entertaining, a good refreshing look at stepping back to see the larger problem.

Good talk. The image of the clown was a little creepy, but humor was used effectively to convey the message.

A nice close to the conference. Entertaining and insightful.

Would like to have seen a bit more on the solution. Good talk, and kept things moving at the end of the day.

Not for those with clown phobias.

Great stuff to think about. It left me with some topics I want to do more research on.

5 despite the terror.

Excellent keynote, reminding us what we are actually doing when developing. Well delivered with a good fun factor without being just a clown show (sic) with no content.

Anonymous at 03:57 on 14 Sep 2014

As a computer science major myself working in the "industry" for over a decade now, this talk really resonated with me. Over the years I lost the ability to think my way out of difficult problems and instead rely on other's solutions instead -- a result, no doubt, of being under the gun with deadline pressures, etc. This talk served not just as a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also as a reminder to take some time, perhaps every couple of weeks or so, to try and actually think like a computer scientist again.

Thank you Daniel!

Thanks for all the awesome comments! Since the slides are very minimal, I have posted a link to a YouTube video of my talk for anyone interested.

Anonymous at 18:11 on 14 Sep 2014

As another CS major, I want to thank you for giving this talk. I think it was a great reminder, especially for those of us who work in fast-paced environments that leave little room to breathe or be a little more high-minded in our solutions.

Anonymous at 20:08 on 14 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 08:36 on 15 Sep 2014

Good job with good presentation. Good way of explaining of reframing the problem.

I really, really enjoyed this talk - it was a perfect mix of technical and anecdotal exposition, and as a result, very engaging. Please, however, drop the clown image.... I'm still having nightmares.... ;-)

I thought this presentation was a good companion piece to Ben Ramsey's "Debugging Zen" talk earlier in the day. Thinking like a computer scientist involves taking a step back to examine the problem from a different perspective, and using your intuition to help determine whether you're considering all of the possibilities.

All that said, clowns are forever horrifying. Nice work!

Really enjoyed this, and it was an excellent way to close the day. As neither an engineer nor a computer scientist (I'm a writer), I intend to work hard to "Pull back and think more abstractly." Thanks!