The API Toolbox


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Anonymous at 10:02 on 13 Sep 2014

Great Topic and presented awesomely.

Tons of info. Great food for thought and suggestions for improving the API development flow, documentation, and troubleshooting. I'm looking forward to researching the suggested utilities so that our APIs are friendlier to make and use.
There was easily enough content here to spend the rest of the morning just checking out the suggestions given.

Loved the hands-on, practical nature of the talk. Walked away with at least a couple of tools I'd heard of before but hadn't had the opportunity to try out. Thanks Tim!

Anonymous at 10:09 on 13 Sep 2014

Very good information, with tools we can set up and use immediately.

Anonymous at 10:09 on 13 Sep 2014

Good discussion. I enjoyed hearing about various tools and techniques to debug REST APIs.

Anonymous at 10:10 on 13 Sep 2014

Tim's presentation was engaging. He provided a good survey of tools with which to expedite web service API development. I will play with these tools at home. Good talk.

Anonymous at 10:11 on 13 Sep 2014

The talk provided some really useful tools. Great example code without being too dry.

Very good talk! I've always struggled figuring out APIs and their responses for debugging based on it's documentation. The tools you showed should make debugging much easier!

Lots of good tools for when working with and developing APIs. Really enjoyed the presentation.

enjoyed the talk, showing how to use handy little tools to simplify developer life.

Very nice overview of the API tools currently available. I particularly liked the live demos - Tim was quite lucky with his internet connectivity, and pulled them off without a hiccup!

Anonymous at 09:29 on 14 Sep 2014

informative and helpful. good presentation.

This talk provided a great overview of tools to work better with APIs as a consumer and as a developer. I especially liked that Tim provided the reasoning behind using the tools, showed how they worked, and then discussed alternatives to the ones he prefers. The live demos were an excellent touch that really drove home the usefulness of several tools he was recommending.

Anonymous at 08:25 on 15 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 13:00 on 15 Sep 2014

Super helpful tools. Even good for doing things other than apis. Unfortunately some don't apply to soap as well. Maybe you should loook into a soap->ui converter. It appears apigee has something like such. That would be another huge addition