Your Inner Sysadmin


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Really enjoyed your talk. Lots to dig into after that.

A great talk, great examples. A good balance of detail and succinctness. Looking forward to the slide deck—a gold mine of info for self study.

I enjoyed this talk a lot. Chris gave an excellent look into how to manage the system administration side of the job. While I don't really do much of this work myself I think the tools and ideas Chris presented in this talk, and the advice he gave about them, was just the right tone and advice to give to developers like me.

Also he covered a ton of useful tools just enough to get interest. I like that approach for this type of talk.

Chris's talk covered a wide range of command line tools available to a Linux server administrator, much of which was quite new to me in my young career. Given the amount of information therein, it's simply not possible to dive down in too great of detail on any particular tool or utility, but I thought he provided enough information on each to make the value each tool provides clear, and to help the attendee determine whether it's something they'll need to pursue further independently. I took copious notes, and I am glad to also have access to the slides to review anything I might have missed.