How Not To Build a WordPress Plugin


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Great overview of WordPress plugin tips and resources. It was also nice to hear about upcoming features in the next release.

I wish there was more of a 'why you should use the functions' instead of here is a list of WP hooks to use that are cool. It would have been good to connect more with the speaker on the old code he had vs the better way of doing things.

It was ok. I think that it was a great list of the functions that can be used to build functions, but I thought there would be more the the "Why this example is bad" - like the description said.

Like the others, I was expecting more examples of why some things are bad instead of a list of functions to use.

This wasn't quite as described but it turned out better. Learned lots of stuff I didn't know or had forgot.

Anonymous at 15:45 on 17 Nov 2015

I was unimpressed. There was very very little content about how not to build a WP plugin and it was really just a session of Aaron listing commands.