Micro-frameworks Make Awesome APIs


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Very thorough demonstration that makes it easy to understand middlewares and XML... errrrr, JSON :)

First time seeing Austin speak but I will look forward to seeing other talks by him!

Anonymous at 11:27 on 14 Nov 2015

Excellent presentation. This stuff is just at the edge for me, perhaps even a little above my level of expertise. But the talk was accessible enough for me to learn a lot.

Anonymous at 12:34 on 14 Nov 2015

Great presentation! I love the idea of using a micro-framework for an API!

Excellent description of middlewares and strong recommendations. Definitely some good design practices suggested.

I remain unconvinced of the value of microframeworks. However, this talk was a well presented view into the methodology of using a microframework.
Some of the code snippets were difficult to see on the screen at times -- might want to make those more visible.

The content was clearly presented and succinct. Austin gave a good overview of micro-frameworks (bonus points for demoing two at once) with practical examples while providing a lot of good general API design advice along the way.