Rebuilding our Foundation: How We Used Symfony To Rewrite Our Application in Six Months


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Great talk, walked us through the steps she and her team made in improving the quality of there application.

Not sure how the talk would be better. Maybe adding some metrics that help quantify the progress made as graphs

Anonymous at 15:46 on 14 Nov 2015

Awesome tools discussed, and good retrospective talk about refactoring.

Narratives like Jessica's always provide a lot of anecdotal insight into "leveling up" a codebase and team, and learning from other people's mistakes (and successes) is second to learning from one's own. We were told a story about how Jessica and her team had success with Symfony, but there was plenty to learn and appreciate outside of the framework specific content. Good job.

Anonymous at 16:07 on 14 Nov 2015

Really good talk. Lots to learn from this story. If anything, maybe there was a little too much detail regarding specific code that was used. This was far less important than the lessons to take away from how this or that component was implemented.

Anonymous at 15:46 on 17 Nov 2015

I thought this talk was going to be different than what it was but it was very well put together and I did get a list of tools to research from it.