Technical Debt Insights from the Lorax


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Great idea to reframe technical debt as technical pollution! I also haven't seen too many double-speaker talks and this one seemed to work quite well. I like the idea of a team having a Lorax to speak for their code when it comes to interacting with the rest of a business. :)

I really enjoyed the subject matter of this talk. The idea of "Technical Pollution" instead of Debt was super insiteful. Although the Lorax comparison was useful, I found that the quoting of the Lorax kind of took away from the core message. Especially when it seemed like they were trying to remember the quotes and seuss-isms and didn't have them written down. It would have been more helpful to summarize the Lorax in normal words "Cutting down trees to harvest materials to make sweaters". The technical information however was great, especially the references to actual problems they had in their projects.