Failing Fast


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David Lundgren at 14:52 on 2 Oct 2016

While it described the process in use, it could have used more detail in the pros and cons of moving to this type of process, or the types of projects where this process would be the most useful.

M at 21:33 on 2 Oct 2016

Needed some more solid anecdotes, including maybe some tough moments in the transition to this way of working. This also would have helped it fill out the timeslot. The speaker was easy to listen to and prepared good slides, and my guess is that version 2 of this talk could be very good.

Pretty interesting talk. I really liked the content. Only weird suggesting is possibly having a more engaging talk title. I know, that's the least of anyone's concerns ;-)

Dave made an excellent argument for a fail fast mentality in an established team coding environment. Rather than plodding through building possibly unwanted features on the one hand or making changes for changes sake, the fail fast mentality coupled with split testing to determine viability really encourages useful innovation. His presentation was inspirational and engaging.