Gitting More Out of Git


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As a Git GUI fan, I really enjoyed this talk. It helped cement a lot of concepts behind using Git.

Joel Clermont at 13:45 on 1 Oct 2016

This talk was fantastic. I picked up several extremely useful tips and thoroughly enjoyed Jordan's presentation.

Tim Ostendorf at 14:17 on 1 Oct 2016

Excellent talk. Very in-depth and content-rich.

I know you requested some negative feedback but honestly can't come up with anything. I liked the fact that this was an advanced talk and especially liked the sections on how to undo or fix mistakes.

The talk was excellent and the speaker was very knowledgeable. My only negative feedback on it is that it seemed to go a little too fast, but that could be because the speaker was so comfortable with the topic

Bruce Green at 21:01 on 1 Oct 2016

Great review of Git practices with some detailed insight/background on consequences of Git command sequences.

David Lundgren at 14:22 on 2 Oct 2016

I've been using git for several years now, and some of the commands I just stayed away from because they seemed like magic.

Rebasing, and cherry-picking, no longer seem like magic, and I have a clearer understanding of how they are used, and when exactly you would want to use them, and a better understanding of the consequences of mixing rebase, cherry-pick and merge

This was a standout presentation. Jordan's experience as an instructor and presenter was obvious in this organized, clearly scaffolded talk. The topic was also extremely applicable to the conference attendees as I heard others and myself reiterate that we'd used git but knew there was more to it. After attending this presentation I feel more comfortable with how git works as well as some of its more complex options. Thank you, Jordan! (Here's a very minor ticky tack negative comment, to satisfy your desire for honest feedback: You possibly could have glided over the 2 vs. 3 dot elipsis comment by offering to look it up and talk to the person later. However, I'm super glad you didn't let the presentation get bogged down by entertaining more comments on that tangential issue. Ha, I still found a way to complement you on the one very marginally negative aspect of your presentation!)