Love Your Team More With Retrospectives!


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Hao at 15:46 on 1 Oct 2016

The speaker seems flustered. While the slides are well-organized, the presentation itself was not very engaging. She tried a novel way of ending the presentation by recording in a retrospective document, but it felt forced and unnecessary. She also didn't leave time for questions.

Retrospectives are a great way to solve problems within your organization, but it was a little hard to follow the purpose of the games in them

Emily Stamey at 15:59 on 1 Oct 2016

Great examples and ideas for improving or beginning retrospectives. There were structured lists of things that you can do to be successful.

Vesna made a great argument for how to capture ideas and reflections that might otherwise fall through the cracks of the workaday world. I appreciated the concept of ending retrospectives not with solutions but with concrete steps forward and accountability for those steps in future meetings.