Nom Nom: Consuming REST APIs


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Good content, but the presentation didn't really engage the audience. (Maybe everyone was tired?) Also, it would have been good to ask for questions at the end.

Sean Prunka at 15:34 on 1 Oct 2016

Wonderful intro to APIs! I think a brief Q&A might have been helpful for some of these attendees. Alternately, perhaps a little more details on how the actual calls work, in relation to the calling application.

It was an okay presentation. The topic looked interesting, and I would say the introduction of the POSTMAN tool is cool, but there was something missing in the presentation itself; my guess is that the presentation seemed a little too simple

A nice overview of working with APIs.

Bruce Green at 20:54 on 1 Oct 2016

OK intro to a big topic. Probably too skimpy on details for the subject matter. A walk-thru on implementing an API would have been helpful. Provided slides will be a good resource though. (avoid animated GIFs when possible!)

Elly Post at 13:06 on 2 Oct 2016

Tessa's presentation was a great overview of REST APIs. I was hoping for something more advanced, but I think that was more on my end for assuming target audience than hers.

David Stillson at 13:38 on 2 Oct 2016

It was a good beginner level overview of what APIs are and how they are called, however, I wish there were some applicable examples from a PHP perspective. I didn't mind that it was a plug for cisco's API service, I just wish the examples, even the slides, had showed what to do with the returned JSON and/or XML in php.

Using Postman to test API calls was a valuable nugget from this talk!

Ed Barnard at 18:56 on 2 Oct 2016

This talk was described as being about the basics. It was. Tessa was completely accurate on all points, and that's no small feat when describing the melding of HTTP and REST protocols. (I do use HTTP code 418 regularly, by the way. It's a favorite.) She correctly noted that SOAP was prominent up to ten years ago. For me, the highlight of the talk was the "sales pitch" that wasn't. It's an intriguing product and API. To be sure, Tessa's talk did not have advanced examples, but it was described as being about the basics. It was, and Tessa's presentation was well done.

Jeff Hegeman at 09:16 on 3 Oct 2016

I've used APIs, most notably Weather Underground. It's been a while, but this talk rekindled a desire to explore more APIs to use including the Cisco ones she mentioned.