Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach


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Fantastic presentation! Great tips! I'd really love to take the workshop, too!

Sean Prunka at 10:58 on 1 Oct 2016

First of all, if studied briefly to be a teacher, and my favorite class ever was a while class on teaching based on Howard Gardner.

Loved the correlations and connections. Picked up some good tips for my own talks.

Thank you!

This was great. We often overlook the fact that we (as technology professionals) need to inform and educate people. Having knowledge of the art and science of teaching is very helpful.

Amazing presentation. Spending time learning about learning is valuable for working with teams as well as thinking about our own development. Heather did a nice job in presenting the information and really demonstrated the different teaching techniques throughout the talk. Very well done.

Eric Kuznacic at 11:00 on 1 Oct 2016

Great presentation!

This was an all around great talk. As a project manager, I will be able to apply the things I learned to my everyday & on going training of new devs & personnel within the various teams as well as being able to use it to more effectively work on musical projects.

Ed Barnard at 18:35 on 2 Oct 2016

Heather's material is of direct, immediate use to me. I can make code walk-through's and other presentations more effective at work by better understanding how to induce the learning in my audience. As a conference presenter my potential audience is unknown. Heather gave great insight on how to best reach the expected range of learning styles. The presentation itself embodied the material being taught. She went fast, but had carefully (and successfully) set our expectation that she would.