Web Components: Lego Bricks of the Web


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Great talk! Easy to understand examples. The two speakers work well together to make a very engaging presentation.

Pearl Latteier and Abraham Williams made a great tag team explaining why web components, HTML templates and the Shadow DOM will be helpful in modern web development. They presented a lot of information on the topic in a fun way. I'm excited to experiment with these new techniques.

I loved this talk! The speakers were both very knowledgeable of the material, and very funny and entertaining. Their examples were very clear and easy to follow. A+++++++++++

This was the most entertained I've been at the conference. The talk was great for a beginner level & the speakers humor kept everyone engaged.

Joel Clermont at 13:30 on 1 Oct 2016

I really liked the presentation format with two speakers. It was clear that the talk was well rehearsed and both speakers were knowledgable on the topic. Bonus points for persisting with some A/V technical challenges and keeping calm and collected.

Based on the talk summary, I was hoping to see some information on testing web components, but that is not a major complaint.

David Lundgren at 14:14 on 2 Oct 2016

I enjoyed the dynamic duo, and I'm looking forward to digging into web components, and understanding more of the shadow DOM.

This was an entertaining and thoughtfully organized presentation. Pearl and Abraham did a great job arguing for the use of web components. This talk really inspired me to learn to code in a modular and therefore more maintainable way.