What's Your Skateboard?


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A presentation that explains an exceptional tool/strategy available to developers. Well delivered. Enjoyed the real life examples - although hard to follow the process via the photos.

Emily clearly is a topic expert. Was glad for the opportunity to learn from her.
People were asking about software tools to use instead of sticky notes to create story maps. I would suggest adding a brief section near the beginning coming out strong with an explanation of why these physical tools are superior to GUIs or other software solutions, rather than just something to make do with for now. Then reinforcing it now and then. Emily's explanation during Q&A of how sticky notes get better involvement from more people was excellent, intriguing and persuasive and just the sort of seemingly counterintuitive element that can take a talk to the next level.

Joel Clermont at 14:35 on 1 Oct 2016

I was relatively new to this topic, so it was good to hear from someone with a solid amount of experience. I look forward to trying this out on an upcoming project.

Very insightful. I have used this method before as a customer & found it to be amazingly effective at laying out your development plan