Over the last five years, Composer has changed the way PHP developers work. It figures out which versions of our required libraries work together and installs everything for us, but if that's all you've ever used Composer for, you're missing out. Come learn how and when to use validation, autoload overrides, and other features you've never heard of.


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Brooks Boyd at 16:49 on 23 Sep 2017

Great info, and well-presented!

I really learn new things to do with composer.

Some very useful tips and tricks, most of which I did not know about. Some of these will make nice additions to my work flow.

Ed Barnard at 10:31 on 25 Sep 2017

This talk did indeed cover a number of things I didn't know about Composer, and can use. Patrick, I did misinform with one of my comments. There is a repo type of "Path." I've never used it. Meanwhile, in the repo type of "VCS," you can specify "path" rather than "URL." I'm sorry to have confused the two in my comment during your presentation!

While the talk was excellent and very informative, I think this is one of those talks that you leave comments/questions until the end. With as much content as Patrick needed to cover, we didn't need to hear about off-topic items that are going on in others own environments, taking away from the rest of the audience getting to take in all the content with the short 50 mins that Patrick had. So, that is my only suggestion for potential improvement. Otherwise, great talk!

Ryan Gittins at 10:09 on 27 Sep 2017

Solid talk! I definitely learned a handful of things I'll be applying in the future. To think—aliasing leftpad() with Composer would've saved everyone a lot of hassle last year!