Custom Post Types help extend WordPress's super powers to provide a more versatile content management system. They help create a WordPress administrator experience that makes it easy to add and edit repetitive content and gives you flexibility to create unique web pages to fit your, or your customers' unique needs. This talk will cover creating Custom Post Types and how to create a WordPress template page to display their content.



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Great presentation; my suggestion to improve it is to create a CPT in the presentation itself with a server and seeing the website be customized

Cannot say thank you enough! I've been dragged through making CPTs before and really didn't understand the way they were used or the possibilities. A really great discussion and walkthrough!

Only suggestion I could give is that, if the presentation was longer, to walk through the actual building of a CPT. But really, it was great.

A solid talk with some useful information, very well presented. Slide design could use some tweaks - as a speaker you were aware that some slides were difficult to read, so that should be addressed - perhaps show the overview of the whole code, and then break it down to a few lines at a time to explain it?

On the whole however a very good talk.

Jeff Hegeman at 14:48 on 23 Sep 2017

This was a great presentation. She simplified a fairly complex topic nicely, and provided some good code samples. Thank you!!

April at 15:50 on 23 Sep 2017

Great info and easy to follow along. Nice code examples. Liked the meetup info for networking.

It was good to learn about Custom Post Types in Wordpress.

Oscar Merida at 15:10 on 3 Oct 2017

Good oversight of how to use Custom Post types intelligently in a WordPress site (which is something I'm starting to dig into myself). The only thing missing from a developer point of view is how you manage, version, and deploy the definitions for a CPT.