In this tutorial, we start by defining an API with Apigility as our main engine, we will define all the details to make sure we set up our API so it can be consumed by our web application and our mobile application. We continue by creating a web application that will consume the API resources and how to define the flow from data consumption to views using **Zend Framework**. Then we will define a simple mobile app, which will consume the services from our API. For this we will use Sencha Touch. We will learn about the details to promote our App to the App store and Google play.


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Brooks Boyd at 10:41 on 22 Sep 2017

This presentation was really more "watch me code" than actual "hands-on workshop"; the presenter went through all the actual steps to go from zero to app, but if I as an observer made a mistake following along at any point, I either need to stop and troubleshoot my own code (and miss what is talked about next), or be stuck for the rest of the talk at that point (since there's no built in work time to catch back up again).

Was a good high-level overview of Apigility, Zend Framework app infrastructure, and mobile app creation. Covering so much, it was not able to go deep on any one topic, which isn't a bad thing for an overview talk, but for a workshop course I expected a bit more exploration time.

This presentation was more a three hour talk that a tutorial. Would be more usefull to work only on the API side, and make people work on it hand-on. Was a good high-level overview of Apigility, Zend Framework app infrastructure, and mobile app creation. But could had been done in a Talk instead.

Ryan Gittins at 08:10 on 25 Sep 2017

This talk wasn't bad, but it did suffer from getting a bit too into the weeds. The sheer number of tools to install prior to the talk and commands to execute during the talk made it a bit overwhelming and difficult to follow. It also made it easy to get lost.

I appreciate the idea of going from zero to one hundred with this setup, but it was just a bit too much too fast for the time slot. I enjoyed walking through the ins and outs of setting up Apigility and the high-level overview of the other tools, but it was just too much. I'd encourage the speaker to cut down the toolset if possible, or at least to cut down on the number of bash commands to execute. Each one is something which can be missed, typo'd, or otherwise messed up which leaves the audience lost.

I do think this talk could be really stellar if the speaker were to cut down the scope a bit.