Through most of the 20th century, progress in science and technology was powered largely by thousands upon thousands of women who both created massively complex algorithms and executed them by hand. Over decades, machines took on the second task superbly. But the first task proved impossible to offload to machines. Today we call it "computer programming."

The contributions made by these women cannot be understated -- except that in fact, it has been.

Meet the mostly unsung women who shaped the high-tech world we live in -- the women who brought us the first computer language, the compiler, the flowchart, and so much more. Celebrate their stories, and learn about their struggles. Find out what the landscape looks like today for women in tech, and learn how you can contribute to a brighter future for all.


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Julka Grodel at 19:37 on 23 Sep 2017

Vesna is an excellent public speakers and a great story teller. Her stories about ground breaking women in tech and their struggles was entertaining and inspiring.

It's hard to know what to say about this talk. Brilliantly presented and an important message that we need to remember the pioneering women in the early days of tech, even if others have forgotten. Really not a bad thing to say about this talk, and Vesna is an exceptional speaker.

I really liked this talk. Well presented, rich slides and incredible content.

One suggestion though to make it a 5-star: from time-to-time you clicked rapidly through the slides of some important women in history, not giving me (and others) the opportunity to read who they were and what they did.