Docker is quickly becoming an invaluable development and deployment tool for many organizations. Come and spend the day learning about what Docker is, how to use it, how to integrate it into your workflow, and build an environment that works for you and the rest of your team. This hands-on tutorial will give you the kick-start needed to start using Docker effectively.


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Eric Jenkins at 16:50 on 22 Sep 2017

Fantastic course! It probably helped greatly that I had some preceding experience experimenting and doing light php development with a Docker Compose scaffold.

Chris did a great job in making a case of why to use containers in in development. The example used in the tutorial highlighted some of the benefits of using docker as well as some of the gotchas to watch out for. Overall a good introduction that makes me want to learn more about the topic.

Oscar Merida at 13:39 on 23 Sep 2017

Good workshop, covered Docker in a well paced process. Covered some of the confusing points I had when getting started. Should have had a podium.

Ryan Gittins at 08:34 on 25 Sep 2017

This talk was fantastic. It was very clearly polished and in talking to Chris I confirmed he'd been refining it for several years. I felt like I'd learned weeks (if not months) worth of information in three hours.

The examples were all very clear in their intentions and Chris made it very easy to follow along. Even the small things like blowing up the font size on the terminal and IDE were a big help. He made concepts like images, containers, volumes, and networks very easy to understand without getting into the weeds too much.

I especially enjoyed that Chris made a point to "Docker-ify" a preexisting application. This is exactly the kind of real-world example I likeā€”one that I can actually go to work and apply rather than waste time trying to figure out how to put the theory into practice for myself.

I could not have asked for a better talk on Docker.

Nice Presentation