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An exceptional talk. Brave choice in not using slides, but totally the right decision! Inspiring, informative and interesting.

Awesome story of Rodney's roller coaster ride of a career. It's inspiring to see how each setback is usually followed by a new level of success if you can learn from the experience.

Amazing talk. By sharing his story Rodney touched on many important skills that developers should cultivate when looking for work or assessing where we currently are working. Many of his stories also highlighted the importance of the human element in programming and working with a team. I would recommend this talk to any developer.

Jeff Hegeman at 11:28 on 23 Sep 2017

Inspiring and relatable, thank you!

Fun talk for a keynote, outlining his own journey and lessons learned. Though I don't necessarily agree with everything he said, he was compelling without picking fights.

Really great talk Rodney! Very captivating. I loved your story, and hearing the road you took through your development career and how you navigated it. Having received my degree later in my career, your talk was very inspiring to self-taught developers. I also appreciated your trials and what you learned regarding the importance of soft skills as well as technical skills.

Great insight. Great storytelling. But missing a bit of inspiring for a Keynote.

Rodney gave an amazing talk and imparted very useful knowledge to to use when interviewing and considering new positions.
His talk had a great pace and the perfect balance of seriousness and humor.
Rodney's talk was a great reminder that through hard work and perseverance, you too can accomplish great things, no matter the challenges or past mistakes.
I hope to have the opportunity to see Rodney speak again.

Derek Binkley at 15:10 on 23 Sep 2017

Rodney did a good job at relating his experience to anybody getting started in the tech world. People in charge of hiring should listen to his example and see that ability to learn and work hard are much more important than credentials.

Rodney spoke effectively on the challenges facing programmers with non-traditional backgrounds by both validating these experiences as well as offering words of encouragement and practical advice (e.g. selling yourself as a valuable asset that meet a company's needs). Thank you for the great advice and for your time in the hallway track!

It takes courage to put yourself out there in a candid talk about your life and lessons learned from failures. It's encouraging to hear your story about how determination, building relationships, and genuine hard work paid off. Keep up the great work and I hope to hear more success stories from you in the future.

I enjoyed this talk, it was inspiring. Thank you.

Ed Barnard at 10:21 on 25 Sep 2017

An extremely relatable talk. Thank you.

A very inspiring talk that really spoke directly to my own personal experiences. Well delivered and the story required no slides.

Andrew Shell at 16:50 on 26 Sep 2017

I really enjoyed this talk. Although he went through a lot more than I have, there were certainly some parallels I identified with. Very interesting story.

Eric Landmann at 16:14 on 2 Oct 2017

Amazing story, shows the power of perseverence. Thanks Rodney for sharing that with everybody.