Do you ever wonder what's happening at your home when you're not there? Wouldn't it be fun to get a text message when your dryer is done? Using a LAMP stack on a device smaller than a credit card, you will learn to connect sensors to create web-enabled devices to monitor the temperature around your house and more! In this tutorial, you will do all of this on a Raspberry Pi Zero that you get to keep!


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Brooks Boyd at 16:29 on 22 Sep 2017

Great and creative presentation, with great hands-on work!

Great talk and great demonstration. It's a little hard to keep up with the long terminal commands but this was awesome

Yesid Perea at 16:41 on 22 Sep 2017

Great and practical session!!

It was a great talk, I appreciate all the effort you put on this and the level of details that you had on this. Thanks

Jamie Xiong at 17:27 on 22 Sep 2017

I loved this tutorial! Although I am not much of a hardware type of techie, I still enjoyed the overall hands-on programming tutorial. Ken is a natural teacher (who also taught me my first programming language- JavaScript), and I truly do hope he does more tutorials and speeches at conferences!

Jim Dreger at 08:45 on 23 Sep 2017

Very well organized talk. Great to see how to integrate the different technologies to make a real world solution

Great workshop. Speed was perfect.

Please share talk here too (put your slideshare). Maybe, put a simple SMTP server to send the email instead of "hacking" our gmail.

Easy to follow, fun project

Ken did a wonderful job on this tutorial (and the hours and hours or prep work).
The RaspberryPis were set up perfectly with the perfect balance of pre-installed software with enough minor installs left for demonstration purposes.
He took us from a first ssh into the pi, through connecting a sensor, reading data from it and doing several useful tasks with that data.
Not only educational but entertaining.
Great job!

April at 15:51 on 23 Sep 2017

Funny, engaging, patient while people got the pis working. Excellent.

Emily Sha at 18:04 on 23 Sep 2017

Super fun and surprisingly easy to follow for a beginner.

Super easy to follow, clear instructions, very responsive, as were the two guys whose job it was to walk around and help!