Whether you are a brand new developer or an experienced coder - the PHP object model can hold some mysteries that are worth exploring. This session will briefly cover the basics of working with Objects in PHP, then dive quickly through inheritance, abstracts, interfaces, traits, late static binding, magic methods, namespaces and maybe even reflection. It's a lot to cover to make sure to show up with your eyes open and ready to move quickly!


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A lot of really basic data shared in a rapid-fire way that seldom gave enough time on any subject for newcomers or got complicated enough for more advanced users.

Oscars slides were very well organized and easy to follow. Plus, the superhero themes were very fun.

Good examples that give you topics to research for later

Jim Dreger at 13:43 on 23 Sep 2017

Very good overview of OOP, would have been nice to have more time.

Felt fairly lost right out of the gate, this may have been too advanced for me. The discussion was also a little dry and hard to hear due to microphone issues. =(

Very thorough intro to Object Oriented Programming in PHP. The slides were great with clear examples. Oscar is a great communicator and did a nice job explaining the important aspects of OOP and answering questions along the way. Great talk!

The slides were good and clear, also they were concise and to the point. Good.