In December 2015, PHP 7.0 was released, marking a new milestone for PHP and web application developers. Looking at the changelog and removed functions, we thought all was going to be easy to migrate to PHP 7.0. Unfortunately, many of the extensions and tools we use weren't ready yet. In December 2016, PHP 7.1 was released and the urgency to update became real as PHP 5.6 was nearing end-of-life. In this talk, I describe the analysis and the challenges we faced migrating towards PHP 7.1 so you can learn how to defeat those challenges if you plan to migrate too.


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Good options given when moving to the new version of PHP

Great suggestions about the steps to take to migrate into 7.1

Thank you, it's always good when you share your experience with others. It was a good reminder to be on PHP last version and the tips given were good too.

Ed Barnard at 10:28 on 25 Sep 2017

This talk is of direct value to my company as we plan to migrate from PHP 5.x to 7.x. The cloud of "challenges" presented looked familiar from our own code base. It's hugely valuable to hear the experiences of someone who has recently accomplished what we're setting out to do. Thank you.

It was good to see/hear a real life scenario of a team that was prepared and planned accordingly for a PHP 7 upgrade, even when upgrading and upgrade paths have always been a slow process for the PHP world. Seeing the performance benefits alone of PHP 5.6 to 7+ gives me a good talking point to my clients to get them to approve and invest in us to migrate to PHP 7.