Regardless of our technical specialization, seniority level, or present job, we want to be the best developers we can be. On our individual journeys, we meet others we hold in high regard and consider to be exemplary of our vocation and our craft. What makes these developers great? How can we best follow their example? We'll explore these and related questions about what crucial knowledge, values, skills, goals, and challenges you must pursue on your own path to being a great developer.


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Great talk! It's like a bonus keynote!

April at 15:53 on 23 Sep 2017

Holistic approach instead of all about the code, I liked it. Empathy is important. :)

Ryan Gittins at 08:46 on 25 Sep 2017

Sometimes we all need reminders like the ones Matthew gave in this talk. The emphasis on empathy, communication, and humility did a nice job reminding us that most of being a good developer is being a good person. Matthew did a great job articulating a lot of ideas we let float around in our heads without ever really solidifying.