Have you heard about how Scalable Vector Graphics can look great at any resolution and can take up less space than other images? Have you ever taken a look at the code behind them? Let me introduce you to the XML format that is SVG, styling them and some transformations so you can begin putting them to work on your site. This talk assumes some knowledge of HTML or XML, and a bit of CSS.


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Great intro to SVGs! I really wish I'd had a chance to see this talk *before* I found myself neck-deep in this stuff without knowing anything about it.

Really good introduction into SVGs and when/why to use them instead of raster images (jpeg images). The slides were clear and the demonstrations great and supported the talk well. I also really liked all the supporting links that were provided in the slide deck. Excellent talk!

Emily Sha at 18:07 on 23 Sep 2017

Great introduction to an intimidating topic and the slides will be really useful in the future.

Really clear presentation, and really great thinking to have the slides ready as a link as well as all the sample code available too to follow along with.

Ryan Gittins at 10:12 on 27 Sep 2017

This speaker did a great job giving concise examples of SVGs, styling them with CSS, and animating them with JS. This talk was very snug in its time slot and was neither too much nor too little information. Nice job!

Great talk