Picture this: you're acing a job interview, and you feel great. Then out comes the dreaded whiteboard, and you're faced with some off-the-wall task with no bearing to reality or sanity. Find us some palindromes! Tell us how many sewer covers there are in the city of San Francisco! Print "FizzBuzz" some of the time! Don't lose your cool. Most of these coding challenges fall into a few categories that you can master. Many become very easy once you realize the trick to it. In this talk, you'll learn about some popular challenges and how to knock them out of the park. You'll explore alternative methods, and find out how to impress your interviewer with your understanding of data structures and algorithms. Learn how to use unit tests to sharpen your skills. Practice the principles you learn in this talk, and you'll be able fly through standard job coding challenges with ease.


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Good presentation on the common interview programming questions. The resources at the final slide look awesome as well

Ed Barnard at 17:38 on 4 Nov 2018

Vesna covered principles behind all the types of coding challenges I've seen over the past year. This talk was a useful resource.