The days of hand-crafted artisanal servers are long over. Modern web applications need to be able to run on many different servers without code changes. Not just different hosting providers, but different environments on the same hosting provider. Whether you're using a legacy dev/stage/prod setup or a modern branch-is-environment host, modern hosting imposes some requirements on your application design but also offers a huge potential for new and powerful tools. In this session, we'll explore some key guidelines for building a cloud-friendly application, as well as look at some architectural options that a modern hosting platform enables.


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Oscar Merida at 13:23 on 3 Nov 2018

Covered more tech details than I expected to see in a 20 minute talk

Nicely executed. A lot of stuff to learn in a short time and still didn't feel hurried at all...

Larry did an excellent job demystifying what cloud based applications are and how to organize your development to make your applications portable using various technologies and practical advice to separating data and code. Larry is an excellent and engaging speaker!

Corey Halpin at 06:43 on 4 Nov 2018

Very informative. I appreciated the practical advice both on structuring applications and on selecting services to depend on.

Amazing content with such a short amount of time. Great job

Eric Anderson at 09:27 on 5 Nov 2018

Good high-level overview of the principles of disposable and containerized deployment.