Have you ever wondered how you could add voice, telephone, SMS, MMS, messaging, video, meeting, or fax (yes - I said fax) capabilities to your web app? Learn how easy it is to build in all of these with HTTP based APIs and take your application beyond the browser. For this session we'll focus on using the RingCentral APIs (although you can easily use any other vendor as the process is nearly the same).


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Corey Halpin at 13:08 on 10 Dec 2018

The first part of the tutorial describing the ecosystem of providers that RingCentral sits in was informative, well-organized, and well presented.

However, the demonstration of how to use the RingCentral APIs was ... pretty rough. In the future, rather than pasting together demo code from a number of template files during the tutorial (including a bit of debugging and FTP-ing code up to a server), I might suggest preparing the code in advance and just walking the audience through how it works. If the code needs to live in index.php to work, maybe consider creating demo_01.php, demo_02.php, etc files and then doing 'ln -sf demo_N.php index.php' to activate the Nth demo.

I also would have appreciated more interactive elements to break up the time -- audience participation, discussion, small group projects for us to work on, or something like that.