Addressing conflict is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome within the workplace. You may think, “How can I resolve this without coming off as the bad guy?” “What if the conflict is with someone at a higher level with me?” “What if the repercussions land on me?” Do you ever feel intimidated talking to that coworker? Wonder what to say at the office social? You will learn communication skills to address each of these common issues and more during this tutorial. You will have the opportunity to practice your new skills with a new friend in an encouraging environment-and you can take these skills into your personal relationships as well.


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I really enjoyed the talk and found it super helpful. I particularly appreciated that there were a lot of concrete and specific tools for everything -- so instead of _just_ talking about how there is an optimal realm of arousal for performance and that too much anxiety can negatively impact that, she offered really great practical tips as to how to *reduce* that arousal with the benefit of them being things that are genuinely accessible and doable in stressful situations, etc., and not as vague as "Just relax, it's fine!" I also liked that she emphasized practicing _before_ the stressful events so that you aren't attempting to access a new skillset while also freaking out about something, as well as just emphasizing the importance of practicing the skills overall because they are skills and not just like magic handwaving.

Corey Halpin at 06:37 on 4 Nov 2018

The information in the talk was excellent and helpful. Almost more than that, I appreciated that the pauses for practice felt integrated and helpful.

M at 12:43 on 4 Nov 2018

Next level communication skills (which makes sense.) I learned as much from the practices as from the presentation, and got to know a stranger. Thank you!

Snow L at 00:13 on 7 Nov 2018

The workshop was excellent and helpful. As a person who always has anxiety on communication, I was worried about taking this interactive workshop, but then I found I really enjoyed it. Debbie introduced some practical communication skills and gave the corresponding specific tips. It was also enjoyable to practice these skills with a stranger. Great workshop!