Gutenberg is WordPress's newest method for creating pages. Come and hear about how it will change how you create content, and how you as a programmer can make it easier for editors to create pages.


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Oscar Merida at 11:59 on 3 Nov 2018

Good talk. I appreciate showing the different filters and hooks for customizing gutenberg.

Alex Fraundorf at 12:00 on 3 Nov 2018

As someone new to WordPress, this talk was very useful to see what is coming with the Gutenberg editor, what is still in motion and what still needs to be figured out/fixed before it is ready to hand off to users.

A comprehensive look at many of the areas where Gutenberg will impact WordPress development. Great code examples.

Great talk on managing the changes as a result of the Gutenberg editor plugin. Thank you for showing us how to navigate these changes when using Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types.

Nate Finch at 20:50 on 3 Nov 2018

A lot of great information, plenty of stuff to follow up on and implement. Dan always delivers!

Bob Lindner at 16:52 on 5 Nov 2018

Great overview with some good practical points of interest.