We all have a journey, a journey that shapes who and what we are. Ideals, hopes, dreams, and a constant stream of decisions helps make us who we are. The same is true of the idea of Open Source. The journey and story of Open Source has shaped the software landscape in the present and will continue to shape the direction of software into the future. As developers we should know this tale, this history, the important chapters that helped found the ideals of Open Source, and understand why PHP is one of the last truly Open Source projects still around.


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Alex Fraundorf at 10:06 on 3 Nov 2018

A entertaining and informative talk on on open source history and why open source is so important.
I really enjoyed it and I started with a CoCo2 with only 16K :-)

Very enlightening and a great start to the event!

Chris gave an outstanding talk about the history and importance of Open Source, and how the PHP language is fully supported by the Open Source mandate of making a language truly open. He also did a great job of compelling all of us to give back to the Open Source community and spread our knowledge so others can learn. Awesome talk!!

Oscar Merida at 11:13 on 3 Nov 2018

Great look at the history of open source. I would have liked more discussion of the PHP community and how it uses open source but overall there was a lot of valuable history to cover.

Chris is an engaging speaker. Having this as the first talk of the day laid a good foundation for why events like this are good for the PHP community.

Super interesting and a very well-done presentation!

Debbie Marks at 15:03 on 3 Nov 2018

Chris is very personable as well as knowledgable. He has an engaging manner and a good pace. His slides were good and added to the presentation. I enjoyed his humor too.

Jamie Xiong at 17:18 on 3 Nov 2018

Very well done presentation on the brief history of how the concept of open-source came to be! Awesome presentation with subtle humor in between, keeping the audience engaged.

Corey Halpin at 06:34 on 4 Nov 2018

Great historical perspective. Loved the nod to the CoCo; those manuals were also what got me interested in programming.

Chris had a great presentation

Tony Dexter at 21:28 on 4 Nov 2018

Engaging and informative talk.

Jeff Hegeman at 07:15 on 5 Nov 2018

Awesome talk!

Eric Anderson at 09:23 on 5 Nov 2018

Great talk, got me excited about PHP and writing code and sharing it. I really like having a talk like this kick things off in the morning.

Bob Lindner at 16:55 on 5 Nov 2018

Great way to kick off the day. An interesting overview and reminder of how we all got here!