Making API requests with JavaScript is something web developers do everyday. API services often require you to keep API keys out of the browser or route your requests through a server to secure the request. These requirements are meant to keep the API secure and not overloaded with hijacked requests. We will look at a workflow in WordPress that will route a request through the server and return the information to the browser without a page refresh. This workflow is particularly useful if you want or need to keep your API keys secret or out of the browser client, and make requests from a server and not the browser.


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M at 12:46 on 4 Nov 2018

Good presentation. Too much introductory lead-in to the topic at the start, but the key slides (client -> server -> API, and the list of WP methods) were worth attendance alone. I thought you handled the time constraint well, too.

Alex Fraundorf at 19:03 on 4 Nov 2018

This was a well done, quick and to-the-point lesson on the subject matter, covering how to do the front end JavaScript and backend PHP in a WordPress environment.
Thank you.