MySQL 5.7 was the next received version of the most popular database on the web. But now MySQL is available with many new features plus improved performance. First there is a true data dictionary to store meta data instead of a series of files that tie up inodes; the good news is that you can now have millions of tables in a schema and the bad news is that you can not have millions of tables in a schema. Common Table Expressions and Windowing Functions to make it easier to write sub-queries and to perform analytics on your data. The new scheduler handles higher data contention levels, you get rue descending indexes, UTF8MB4 support (and it is the default character set), roles, and better JSON support.


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Lots of great information, I think there is so much new that it was probably hard to fit everything in one presentation (glad that there are two!)

Corey Halpin at 06:39 on 4 Nov 2018

I'll definitely be going back to my notes from this talk to see how we can use these new features in our application. I would have appreciated more information on how well (or if?) these new features comply with the SQL standards.

Lots of great info but way too fast

Tony Dexter at 21:30 on 4 Nov 2018

Good overview of improvements over previous version.

Nick Escobedo at 13:28 on 7 Nov 2018

Very knowledge and good information!